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Mumio (Shilajit) Clinical study

Many descriptions of the application of Mumijo in surgery, in therapy, and in numerous other illnesses have appeared in the scientific literature. Here we outline some of the published studies of scientists on the clinical use of Mumijo in many illnesses and conditions including bone fractures, stomach ulcers, radiculitis, burns, and trophic ulcers. Most of the authors reporting their experiences with Mumijo were working in practical treatment clinics, and their work has led to some convincing results concerning the multi-faceted activity of Mumijo in regard to the various illnesses reported.

Does Mumio contain steroids?

Steroids contained in Mumio are NOT anabolic steroids. The word "steroids" is a misused term and it is the same case as when medicine is called a "drug". For most people, the word steroid is associated with preparations for unnatural muscle growth or bodybuilding.

Removal problem

Difficulties during Mumio removal from blister pack? Sometimes happens that Mumio tablet is not easily removable from the blister pack, or it may seem the tablet becomes soft and sticks to the blister.

How to keep Mumio

How do you keep Mumio? The best way to storage our Mumio product is to keep it refrigerated, preferably in the freezer. At room temperature Mumio will last without quality loss or its properties to the date specified on the package – and much longer. And if, however, Mumio is exposed to temperatures close to 30 °C (86,0 °F) for a longer period Mumio begins to gradually dissolve and soften, and then it is more difficult to remove the tablet from the blister pack.