It would be possible to dedicate many pages to this disease – its formation, stages of development, symptoms, form of prevention etc. The topic is very extensive, here we only show basic answer to a question – "What can be done?"

1. It is necessary to correct the general fact that haemorrhoids are one form of varicose veins – this is not the case, it is an inflammatory process!

2. Mumio is applied in the form of suppositories several times (typicaly 2–3× a day) together with using the tablets. Mumio has anti-inflammatory effect and helps during formation of new mucosae. It has astringent effects on the mucosa of rectum and eases the itching. Continue with the application until the problem disappears and follow the rules written below. If the heamorrhoids are in the beginning or the early developed stage it is definitely worth to continue with the therapy. If the disease is in the later stage, it is convenient to undergo the therapy and observe the effects. In any case it is convenient to visit a specialized doctor, beacuse he can determine whether these are actualy heamorrhoids – it is necessary to rule out other diseases!

3. Few rules:

  • after each stool properly wash the rectum with a PH neutral soap
  • strengthen muscles of the sphincter (can be done inconspicuously and in secrecy)
  • move regularly, swim aptly
  • do your needs after the first impulse and take your time for it
  • chose your food (excellent is to eat flavoured pollard), drink a lot
  • avoid to use cathartics!

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