Mumio – Adaptogen

Mumio is a true strong adaptogen with excellent features. In order to classify a substance as an adaptogen it must fulfill these conditions:

  1. Adaptogen must be TOTALLY non-toxic and ABSOLUTELY harmless to the organism.
  2. Adaptogen must have continuous beneficial influence on an individual
  3. Adaptogen produces a nonspecific response in the body – increased resistance against multiple stressors including physical, chemical, or biological agents
  4. Adaptogen must normalize physical functions regardless existing (also sick) condition

Although it doesn’t seem so these demands are very tough. As opposed to drugs which have side effects, adaptogens must have beneficial influence on organism without disturbing or damaging it. There are only very few substances with adaptogenic features and only few of them so strong.

Present time it is possible to buy Mumio in the form of tablets, from which it is possible create suppositories. Although preparation of solutions and suppositories will take you some time, we recommend it. Then you will always know what raw material you are dealing with and the resulting effect is worth it.

However keep on mind that Mumio alone is not a cure-all for everything. Mumio even during longterm usage doesn’t trigger toxic or any other side-effects.


Packaging: 60 tablets 0.2 g

Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan

Shipping: within 3 business day

Certificates: DOH and NIPH: HEM-350-13.7.04-13880/3

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