How to keep Mumio

How do you keep Mumio? The best way to storage our Mumio product is to keep it refrigerated, preferably in the freezer. At room temperature Mumio will last without quality loss or its properties to the date specified on the package – and much longer. And if, however, Mumio is exposed to temperatures close to 30 °C (86,0 °F) for a longer period Mumio begins to gradually dissolve and soften, and then it is more difficult to remove the tablet from the blister pack.

The same situation occurs when Mumio is exposed for a short period of time to temperatures higher than about 34 °C (93,2 °F). When softened, it is advised to put it in the refrigerator or a freezer for a while to stiffen so that Mumio is easier to remove from the blister pack. In fact, our pure Mumio "tablets" are actually tiny pieces of accurately weighed purified raw mumia of 0.2g a piece. Mumio itself neither loses physicochemical nor healing properties.

If Mumio is properly stored, it will last for years. If you however prepare an aqueous solution from Mumio - to treat the skin or for other purposes, it depends on the water quality. Generally it is advised to use the solution within days.