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Unique features of Mumio are applied especially during gynecological diseases – Mumio stops bleeding, promotes absorption, has anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates the healing of purulent wounds. During the treatment it is necessary to avoid sexual intercourse. Among the most common inflammatory diseases and gynecological problems are cervical erosion, its inflammation, inflammation of vagina and uterus, various infectious diseases (candidiasis, herpes vaginalis ...), increased bleeding.

Two types of Mumio application exist:

1. Apply sterile gauze soaked in a 4% water solution of Mumio for the period of 6–12 days.

2. The second method of treatment is a combination of 100% sea buckthorn oil, especially in the form of suppositories, or a soaked sterile gauze (suppositories are more recommended). Sea Buckthorn oil is highly valued for its effects on epithelialization (and Mumio for its healing effect on human skin and mucous membranes). This means it helps to regenerate the skin epithelium during burns and frostbite and regenerates mucosal epithelium: especially of the colon, stomach and uterus. It is especially for this feature why sea buckthorn oil can be successfully used as a support treatment or direct treatment of gynecological problems, especially for problems and damage of the cervix, during mycoses, candidiasis, and inflammation of the female genital organs. It is proven that this oil can get rid the body of the HPV virus, known as papilon virus. This virus causes damage to the lining of the cervix and then cancer can develop. For such treatment it is appropriate to use a pad impregnated with oil and put in place for the night.

More effective are the suppositories which you can have produced in a pharmacy from the Sea Buckthorn oil. Excellent combination are suppositories made from sea buckthorn oil and mumio. The recommended ratio is 0.5g of sea buckthorn oil and approx. half of a Mumio tablet for 2g of suppository mass (consisting e.g. from cocoa butter) of one suppository or globule. Use one suppository or globule introduced for bedtime for a minimum of 3 weeks. Bear on mind that the oil stains, we recommend using inserts. Any coloring of linen is washed after 2–5 washes away completely.


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