Rub or steam affected areas by using 5%–6% solution of mumia before bedtime, or two times a day for 30 minutes. At the same time use 0.2g–0.4g of mumio together with half tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime. The therapy lasts 20 days. The cycle should be repeated also after disappearance of symptoms.

We recommend that you make a fresh solution every day, especially if you have open wounds or scratches. The first minute can pinch (because of disinfection), but then comes a great relief from itching.

Eczema always requires regular and methodical attention.

You can also rub the affected area with sea buckthorn oil, which has a rapid healing effect on skin. This oils stains (colours) a lot, you need to be careful. It can also be replaced by the Cedar oil (or amaranth oil), which is almost clear.

Another method which is very effective is treating eczema by the use of sea buckthorn oil internally for minimum period of 2 months and rubbing the affected areas with mumio solution at a concentration of 1g per 100ml of warm (boiled but not boiling) water until the problem disappears. Using one of the above-mentioned oils supports the treatment.

Mumio helps immediately especially during acute allergy symptoms – unpleasant itching. Patients are also recommended to adjust their dietary habits. We know from experience that what greatly helps to eliminate (or at least reduce) are these three main allergens: wheat gluten (eat rye bread instead of wheat bread), diary products from cow's milk (replace cheese from cow's milk with sheep or goat cheese) and what is most important is to eliminate white sugar. Wheat gluten and casein from cow's milk is gradually deposited mainly in the lining of the intestines and elsewhere in the body causing inflammation and acidity of the body which is the main problem with eczema. Sugar has a strong acidifying effect. The body should be lightly alkaline to be able to dispose of harmful substances.


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