Vaginal inflammation, increased bleeding of tissue of female organs

Mumio is often successfully used in combination with sea buckthorn oil to treat female genital infections, inflammation, fungal infections, candidiasis, or even to treat the Papilon HPV virus infection. Mumio has disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and epithelialization effects, which are essential for the recovery and proper functioning of the epithelium and mucosa of female genitalia.

Usage and Application: Internally take 0.2g of Mumio (1 tablet) 1–2 times daily. The most effective is application of Mumio in the form of vaginal suppositories or globules. The suppository is inserted into vagina at bedtime or several times a day. Suppositories can be manufactured in a pharmacy on-demand (0.1g of Mumio = half tablet for one suppository or a globule).

We recommend to add also sea buckthorn oil into the suppositories, this combination is very effective. Sea buckthorn oil also has anti-inflammatory and epithelialization effect, promotes healing and restoration of the vaginal mucosa and epithelium (please keep on mind that sea buckthorn oil is a strong colorant, it is recommended to use inserts during treatment). Treatment lasts 7–12 days or until symptoms disappear. Therapy during the HPV (Papilon) infection takes at least 2–3 weeks.

Avoid sexual activity (especially sexual intercourse) during treatment.


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