Removal problem

Difficulties during Mumio removal from blister pack? Sometimes happens that Mumio tablet is not easily removable from the blister pack, or it may seem the tablet becomes soft and sticks to the blister.

Explanation: Our pure Mumio "tablets" are actually accurately weighed tiny pieces of purified raw mumia of 0.2g per piece. The tablets gain its shape by pressing the weighed matter in the dispenser and then by dropping into blister packs (30 tablets each), which are covered by aluminum foil. These Mumio tablets do not contain any other substance (polishing, filling, forming, etc..). It is a totally clean, raw, natural product, cleaned only by water. At room temperature Mumio will last without quality loss or its properties to the date specified on the package – and much longer. And if, however, mumio is exposed to temperatures close to 30 °C (86,0 °F) for a longer period Mumio begins to gradually dissolve and soften, and then it is more difficult to remove the tablet from the blister pack.

The same situation occurs when Mumio is exposed for a short period of time to temperatures higher than about 34 °C (93,2 °F). What to do? If you find that you can not easily remove the tablet by pushing the transparent plastic, so that the aluminum foil breaks by the pressure and then pick the tablet with your fingers (a common practice), the put the blister pack in the refrigerator, or freezer and store it there.

Low temperatures do not have influence on Mumio quality. After Mumio is cooled down it is again easily removable from the blister pack. Not even long exposure to extreme temperatures ranging from -30 °C (-22 °F) to +50 °C (122 °F) does not have any negative effect on Mumio quality. Few years ago Mumio in the form of tablets was not common, it was supplied in small plastic "pockets" in the form of a paste. The tablet form was introduced because of adherance to sanitary regulations, certifications and for easier dosing.