Stomach and enteric diseases

Most common stomach illnesses are caused by inflammation of stomach mucosa (inflammation of stomach mucosa, chronical inflammation of stomach mucosa, stomach ulcers).

Mumio helps, however it is necessary to take also another steps: change your lifestyle (we have only one body and it has to last until the end) – avoid heavy, fat, spicy meals, forget fastfood, only a little alcohol and be caregfull with some medicine (typicaly antirheumatics). Eat regularly in the same hours every day.

Why is Mumio so efficient during disorders of the digestive tract? It has a significant antimicrobial influence on the Heliobacter pylori bacteria, which participates in stomach illnesses, Mumio components lower the amount of gastric juices carried off to the bowels and it has spasmolytic effect. You may support the therapy in combination with the sea buckthorn oil.

Dosage: 0,2g (1 tablet) of Mumio dissolved in a spoon of water daily before meal for 30 days, then followe with a 10 day break, and then another 30 days.


Packaging: 60 tablets 0.2 g

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