Types of Mumio

SourcePeople divide and call Mumio in different ways – most of the time according to the place of occurrence or by color.

And so we know: iron Mumio, also called red or gold (coloration is caused by increased content of iron additives), copper Mumio, also called blue Mumio (coloration is caused by increased content of copper), even lichenaceous Mumio

And these are not similar names for the same thing. People have the tendency to simplify, call similar things in a similar way and use the commonly used terms. It reminds of a situation when all copying machines were called Xerox. And every businessman will insist that his product is the true Original.

The only criteria for Mumio quality remains its purity (absence of additives) and location of gathering. No organic solvent is used to purify real Mumio, only pure water.

Present time the source of the highest quality Mumio is Kyrgyzstan where the production is subject to government quality and purity control.


Packaging: 60 tablets 0.2 g

Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan

Shipping: within 3 business day

Certificates: DOH and NIPH: HEM-350-13.7.04-13880/3

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