Stress, jitters, insomnia

Mumio is an antihypnotic agent – it allows you to work productively, but as soon as the need for waking ceases, it does not prevent sleep, but it improves it.

If the body does not require an increase in energy due to physical or mental activity, Mumio has a soothing effect – it stimulates the structures of the midbrain, middle brain and spinal neurons, not the cerebral cortex. With long-term use, Mumio increases functional activities of individual centers of the central nervous system.

Use: 20 days 0.3g once a day


Packaging: 60 tablets 0.2 g

Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan

Shipping: within 3 business day

Certificates: DOH and NIPH: HEM-350-13.7.04-13880/3

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