Facts & Theory

Facts and TheoryThe scientific research of Mumio started around the year 1950. China, then the United States, the former Soviet Union, Iran and India made the greatest progress. It is interesting that while our ancestors adopted the existence and effects of Mumio as a fact and used its great properties, present-day science is still worried by the same question – “How is Mumio formed?”.

There is a huge number of theories, some of them absolutely unbelievable. One relatively new theory is very close to the truth due to its vagueness: Mumio – are organic remains of fauna and flora being mixed with inorganic rock minerals. It is only a theory; however everybody agrees on that deposits have the following common properties:

  1. locations are exposed to intensive solar radiation
  2. situated in altitudes from 3000 to 5000 m (9.843 to 16.404 ft)
  3. enviroment is not polluted by human activities

Neither geological age or type of the rock have any significant effect on Mumio formation. They are only reflected in small differences in the Mumio mineral content.


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