Fractures, broken bones

Usage: 0.2g to 0.4g of mumio two times a day. The treatment lasts 20 to 30 days. Then have a break for five days and repeat the treatment – especially during infected fractures and fractures of large bones, such as pelvic bone, spine, femur (thighbone). During open fractures, if the area around stitches has the tendency for inflammation it is good to apply 7% aqua solution of Mummio directly on the wound.

How Mumio helps during broken bones? Mumio accelerates the coalescence of bones – the regeneration of bones is three times faster. Mumio among other minerals contains strontium which has together with calcium direct effect on regeneration of bone matter. Without mumio the regenerative process takes longer. In the University of Tashkent the researchers investigated the effects of mumio on regeneration of bones of 2500 people which were divided into two groups. First group was using mumio for 30 days and the healing osteofication of the bone tissue was 13–17 days faster than in the other group which did not use Mumio. The causes of this was attributed to strontium which is in mumio contained in natural form and cooperates with calcium and is used as a "calcium tractor" during remineralization of bones. When mumio is taken not only the osseous tissue begins to build up within one day, but it is absorbed 2.5–3 times faster than without using mumio. This effect is caused by the fact that Mumio locally in the area of injury strengthens metabolism and normalizes the exchange of minerals, which accelerates the shaping and regenaration of bone. During open fractures the damaged tissue is absorbed rapidly thanks to mumio.

Mumio reduces the secretion of pus, the wound is cleansed, soft tissues recover and swiftly regenerate, rapid granulation and epithelization occurs. Thanks to this mumio greatly accelerates the treatment (by about 14–18 days) and helps the organism to fully recover. It has strong anti-inflammatory effect. Mumio also speeds up the coalescence of bone fragments and increases the quality of this coalescence. The mobility improves and crepitation of bone fragments disappears.

Mumio has favorable effect on the process also in cases where the fragments do not directly touch each other. Mumio supports the development of excessive callus whose build up (re-development and restoration of normal bone structure) is quick and the axes of deformed bones equalize. By application of mumia the occurance of the following problems decreases: distortions of limbs, limitation of mobility of joints, angular deformation of bones, etc., also by persons of geriatric age. Thanks to its properties Mumio significantly improves the general condition of patients. During the injury the organism is weakened as a whole. Mumio recovers the strength of the organism and the blood picture. Soreness, blood bruises and swelling are reduced and less visible. When taking mumio the temperature normalizes, the person is active, in a good mood, eats well and sleeps peacefully. During fractures of the limbs complicated by the traumatic damage of nerves mumio supports complete recovery of mobility and sensitivity.

Remember: healing is the faster, the earlier we start taking Mumio after a fracture. It is much more effective to take mumio in smaller doses for a longer period rather than short-term usage of high doses.


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