Sore throat, tonsillitis, runny nose

During the first symptoms it is recommended to suck a tablet of mumio two times a day and continue until symptoms disappear. Mumio taste is very bitter, but the result is worth it.

For children it is appropriate to create a solution in combination with honey. You can for example dissolve mumio in warm tea with honey. Furthermore it is necessary to continue with two tablets of mumio a day along with normal healing process. You will achieve a greater effect by taking also rosehip syrup (Cholosas), or preparations with licorice root – Licorice (Licorice with mumio, Licorice with propolis, Syrup of licorice) and also by drinking hot beverages periodically.

Of course it is necessary to relax and rest the physical body.


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Certificates: DOH and NIPH: HEM-350-13.7.04-13880/3

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