Osteoporosis and bone loss

Osteoporosis and bone loss

Osteoporosis (thinning of bone tissue, increased bone fractures, affection to fractures) is a metabolic disorder of bone tissue that occurs as a loss of bone matter, especially of calcium which results in weakening and increased fragility of bones. During the metabolic process more calcium is being eliminated than it is stored in bone tissue. If this state continues, the disorder quickly progresses.

Osteoporosis begins to belong to among the so-called common diseases. In pharmacies and other places you can buy "Calcium", sometimes in a very nice package. However, it is good to know that usually it is calcium that body eliminates almost with no benefit. Mumio not only heals this disorder but also has preventive effect. It starts remineralization of bone tissue, promotes correct and complete deposition of calcium into bone matter greatly enhancing and strengthening of bones. This effect is also used in fractures where Mumio significantly accelerates bone regeneration and coalescence. This has also been proven by scientists at the University in the Russian city of Tashkent, where the effects of the accretion mumia bones were examined on 2500 people divided into two groups. First group was administered Mumio for 30 days and the osssification of bone material took place about 13–17 days faster than in another group which did not use Mumio. This is attributed to strontium which mumio contains in its natural non-radioactive form, which cooperates with calcium and is used as a "tractor of calcium" for remineralization of bones – especially during calcification after a fracture and remineralization during osteoporosis.

Usage: 0.2g of mumio two times a day for the period of 30 days, followed by a break of one week. The therapy should last at least 3 months.


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