Mucosae Infections

Mumio has a great healing effect on mucosae – it prevents and cures inflammations and stabilizes surface of mucosae of the respiratory tract and gastric and enteric mucosae.

Mumio application: Prepare a solution of 1g (5 tablets) Mumio in 1 liter of water. Take 100ml of solution per day for the period of 3 days, then reduce the dosage. Tumescences dissapear after first days, however the healing therapy should last 20 days at minimum! It is recommended to repeat the preventive therapy cycles in the length of 20 days in spring and in fall.


Packaging: 60 tablets 0.2 g

Country of origin: Kyrgyzstan

Shipping: within 3 business day

Certificates: DOH and NIPH: HEM-350-13.7.04-13880/3

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