Injuries – gashes, cuts, lacerations, septic and infected wounds

Mumio has strong anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the absorption of damaged tissues, self-healing of wounds, and rapid regeneration of soft tissue, early wound granulation and epithelization. Strengthens the immune and nervous systems. Mumio greatly accelerates the healing, recovery and overall convalescence of the body. After application after the initial wave of pain lasting for about 1–2 minutes the total pain disappears, the wound heals on average twice faster than in conventional treatment.

Whether Mumio has bactericidal effect is questionable, it can not be considered a substitute for antibiotics. Mumio is a biogenic stimulator for wound healing by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and promotes regeneration. This is valid for the treatment of large septic and infected wounds, as well as for a variety of suppurative infections: local abscesses, phlegmonia, carbuncle, whitlow, acute paraproctitis, mastitis, post-operative purulent wounds, pressure ulcers, ulcers from burns. Early application of Mumio can usually avoid the necessity to open surgical abscess. However, if this happens, mumio can be used to speed up the healing process. Thanks to mumio the wound cleans from the necrotic compositions already during the first day, on the 5th - 6th the necrotic deposits are completely removed and the wound is quickly filled by granulation tissue.

Use and Applications:

Externally: Compresses soaked in 5–10% aqua solution of mumio (2–4 ml) are attached onto the affected areas until complete recovery. Usually sufficient is a 5% solution. Compresses need to be changed every day, for open wounds solution should be sprayed. For septic and infected wounds 10–15% aqua solution of mumio is the most effective. During the initial application of Mumio you may experience a strong and burning heat, but this initial pain will quickly disappear.

Internally: It is recommended to use mumio during the treatment also internally, 0.2g of mumio (one tablet) 1–2× daily. For large and purulent wounds and greater weight of the patient it is necessary to double or triple the dosage. During small wounds the internal use of mumio is not necessary, or it is sufficient to take one tablet once a day (0.2g of mumio).

Preparation of 5% solution: Just before taking mumio, dissolve 0.1g of mumio in 2ml of (boiled) hot water (or 0.2g Mumio in 4ml of water, etc.). Never drain Mumio in boiling water. Dissolve after the water has cooled down and has room temperature.

Preparation of 10% aqueous solution: Just before use, dissolve 0.2g (one tablet) of mumio in 2ml of (boiled) hot water (or 0.4g of mumio in 4ml of water, etc.). Never drain Mumio in boiling water. Dissolve after the water has cooled down and has room temperature.

Local abscess is a cavity in the tissue filled with pus, phlegmon is a suppurative borderless inflammation ongoing in the binding material, carbuncle is a purulent inflammation of adjacent hair scrotum, panaricium is a purulent inflammation of the phalanges, paraproctitis is inflammation around the rectum, mastitis is inflammation of the mammary gland.


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