Heart disease – myocardial infarction (heart attack), cardiac ischemia, cardiac asthma

Cardiac ischemia is local poor circulation of the heart muscle, cardiac tissue, with a limited supply of oxygenated blood.

Myocardial infarction is also a poor circulation, but accompanied by dying of heart tissue.

Cardiac asthma is a seizure of breathlessness, which occurs mostly at rest, when lying down at night, when the heart does not have enough power to pump blood into the large body circulation.

Mumio accelerates the regeneration of cardiac tissue. Its use can prevent heart attacks and heal its after effects. Dead cells have no substitute, but it is possible to prevent another attack, because the adjacent cells are damaged by the increased load and lack of energy. Mumio inhibits the growth of the necrotic zone and not only greatly accelerates the process of connective tissue replacement of necrotic area, but also supports compensatory adaptation of the heart. Prolonged use of Mumia normalizes coronary circulation and cardiac metabolism, restores cardiac function and normalizes the number of beats.

Usage: 0.2g of mumio two or three times a day for the period of 30 days. After a heart attack temporarily increase the dosage to 0.4g of mumio two times a day for the period of 14 days, then continue without a break for the period of 45 days with dosage of 0.2g of mumio three times a day, followed by a week break and then 0.2g of mumio two times a day for the period of 30 days. Mumio also strengthens the organism as a whole.


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