I worked for a long time professionally in Central Asia, in an environment of science-educated professionals, especially geologists. Some of them spent most of their professional lives in virtually unaffected natural environment and indigenous population. On various occasions I came across references of two components of natural products "healers" - mumiyo and sea-buckthorn oil with beneficial health effects . And in Mongolia, in the southern regions of the semi-deserts of Gobi a specific plant called "Charmag" with small red berries or dark red - which the natives called "Gobian strawberries." Oil was prepared from it with high content of vitamins, trace elements and other significant enzymes with strengthening and healing effects. During our time there (15 years) we could live out of the various natural products in difficult working conditions without any health problems. I recommend to trust natural products from Central Asia in "civilized" Europe. They are commonly available at reasonable prices also in pharmacies in Slovakia - it should be noted that their use is still quite rare. When I personally used mumiyo I met with curious questions from young pharmacists how and what for I use it?! To my surprise, I found that in the pharmacy, I was only the second one to ask for mumiyo, in the sale were also 60 tab. Mumio from the UK (note that the second candidate was a young Kirgiz, who graduated from the Comenius University in Bratislava and remained permanently in Slovakia)!?
It helped my bladder as well, exactly the same way! When I had urinary tract infection, it helped me a lot and immediately, thanks for this product! No drugs, no antibiotics, no doctor :-) and it tastes very good with the cube of sugar :-)
Hello, I am Mark, a student and I have always been very nervous and terrified at exams but now, with two tablets 30 minutes before... I am all right then. It really helped me when I can´t fall asleep or when I have "my exam stage fright", Valerian calms me down and helps me open my heart and get rid off all fears and distress.
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I'm also excited about mumio, i am taking it for almost a year with breaks
already after a second pill, I felt great.

1 week to heal my chronic inflammation of the kidneys, which went out through
eczema on legs, but then disappeared as well.

In addition, it is the only thing in the world that works against the worst types of HPV
since it cured my HPV and cervical ascus, which is a stage which is already longer
going to degenerate into cancer, so I forwarded from level 3 to level 1, which is
healthy. Gynecologist failed to understand

you can add it there

thank you and I wish you success
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